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Do I need to look after the Boiler system?

Unlike your current boiler, our biomass heating systems are remotely monitored from our command centre, enabling us to schedule pellet deliveries and any maintenance required. There is absolutely no need for anyone at your business to worry about the boiler or be involved in its operation. There is absolutely no cost for this service and peace of mind. All you do is pay a fair price for the heat you use.

Who is responsible for cleaning the boiler?

Our biomass pellets are very clean and produce almost no ash when burnt. The very small amount of residue ash will be cleared away by our service engineers on a regular basis, thereby ensuring that your system operates with maximum efficiency and heating performance.

Do I have to organise refuelling of the Boiler?

If your premises are suitable for a new free biomass boiler we will arrange for our nominated wood pellet partner to supply biomass pellets to you as required.

Since we remotely monitor your fuel use and current stock levels, we will ensure deliveries are made in a timely fashion so you don’t run out.

How much can I save?

Vision Heat Solutions customers are saving on average 35% of their current heating costs. Depending on your current fuel type and the efficiency of your present heating system, you could save up to 70%* of your annual heating costs.

* If currently dependent on electrical heating.

How can you supply a Biomass Boiler for Free?

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), backed by the Government, provides for a fixed sum for every kWh/T of energy generated by biomass heating systems. Vision Heat Solutions uses these RHI payments to finance the installation of the boiler system. We are therefore able to offer customers a free biomass boiler, free installation and all the servicing and maintenance for up to 20 years.

Are the Boilers of good Quality?

We only buy the best biomass boilers available. Since we operate and maintain these boilers for up to 20 years and provide all the servicing and maintenance, it is important that the boilers last and are easily maintained. It is therefore very important to us that we use only the best quality and most reliable manufacturers.

What is a Biomass Boiler?

A biomass boiler uses organic matter, such as wood from sustainable forestry, which produces heat energy when burned. Biomass wood pellets are considered as carbon neutral because the equivalent CO2 emitted during combustion, is absorbed by trees as they are growing. Our new free biomass heating systems harness the heat energy of wood pellets, which are manufactured from virgin timber and specifically grown to create biomass fuel.